Mike Verdugo


Mike sees his responsibility as a trainer to increase your motivation. Once you’re motivated, you will learn the benefits of exercising every day. He believes nothing can stop the person who is driven to succeed.

Mike has dedicated most of his life to physical fitness and helping others achieve their goals to live a longer, healthier, and happier life by changing their lifestyle. Mike began his fitness career 23 years ago, working as a personal trainer and General Manager at Gold’s Gym. He later pursued a career in law enforcement where he was member of an elite SWAT team, which required him to maintain a rigorous training schedule for a strong and healthy body.

Trey Opp Headshot

Trey Opp


Trey grew up in a small North Dakota town and in the fall of 2013 moved to Florida. Trey’s drive for the fitness industry has allowed him to became a group fitness trainer at Bodytek Fitness launching his career and partnership with founder Mike Verdugo. With Trey’s Management and marketing skills along with his drive for fitness, Trey took the role of became a partner and took on the role “Chief of Operations”.  In this capacity, Trey works closely with the core management team creating social media campaigns, newsletters, advertisements, all studio apparel, graphics plus much more.  For more information or any questions you may have please email Trey at the email below.